Cam Plus Lite Contribution Adjustments

If I select to sign up for the Cam Plus Lite plan, am I able to adjust the price I name? Is it permanent, unless I unsubscribe+resubscribe? Does it auto-adjust proportional to the number of cameras I own?

My trial ended, but I am likely to get additional cameras, and I want to know what that will (or won’t) do to my subscription, if I go for the Lite option.

Moreover, I would like to know if there is a way to combine arbitrary selections of AI events and online storage (read: “mix and match”)?

For instance, my main concern with the subscriptions is that I intend to use the person detection on only some cameras, but there are a limited number I might want package detection (for which I am willing to pay higher). Not even sure I want to enable pet detection, at all – I’d only find that relevant, in case an animal gets near my yard, to make sure I don’t let my own dog out.

I also am only (possibly – still unsure) interested in the online recording for maybe 2 cameras (at present), so I’m not entirely keen on paying for that across the entire account, when a very limited number of my cameras would use it (for ANY cameras I have recording enabled on, I am using SD cards, so the online storage is really only relevant for my door cams and maybe driveway, and I think it’d be optional, in any case).

Any INdoor cams (such as possibly adding some for my plants or servers/networking equipment), I want to be local ONLY, is another concern. For those, I would want the online events COMPLETELY off, as they might pick up people either not fully decent, or entering sensitive information – home office). I don’t really want network configs being recorded or me in my pajamas and/or nightwear (or less, as some equipment is in my bedroom).

Basically, I’m just trying to figure out how to balance any costs (and enabled/disabled features) I choose, as I really only would be using bandwidth – I’m, as yet, uncertain of online storage, for which I would use in only a limited capacity, regardless.

It would be nice if either the Lite plan or a new plan allowed per-camera service options to be added (or removed) at prices proportional to the expected resource consumption of said service.

To be able to contribute nothing/$0 is actually the biggest reason I’m open to contributing SOMEthing, but I have / will have specific things each camera should (or should NOT) do.

I can always mentally balance the costs, when I name my price, but I’d also like to be able to add certain features (such as, aforementioned package detection ONLY, to specific cams) or entirely disable online storage for others (for which, I will, of course, not be consuming those relevant resources).

Thanks in advance, to anyone who can answer these concerns.

Yes, you can adjust your Lite contribution any time. The only smart feature on Lite is person detection, no package or pet, etc. Lite is per account, for all qualified cameras. Plus is one subscription per camera. There is no relationship between your Lite contribution level and the features exposed.

You can turn off cloud event recording on your indoor cameras, but keep in mind there is no really good or simple way to use these cameras entirely offline. They can always be reached remotely by the app and are in regular contact with Wyze.


Great explanation :clap:

Adding on, if you intend on using the full Cam Plus service for some of the cams, you can enabled specific AI recordings and or notifications. Also, if you plan on purchasing 5 or more cam plus subscriptions, the cam plus unlimited option is a better deal (99+cams, one cost).

Lite is great for you if you only need person detection and 12 second events with 5 min cooldown. Def get an SD card though as backup.

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