Cam Plus License Transfer

If I assign the Cam Plus License to a specific camera can I transfer it to another later on? I just got my V3 but I eventually plan on having it on the doorbell Cam whenever that arrives.

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You can transfer an active Cam Plus subscription to any camera at any time. You can go to the account section in the wyze app, then Cam Plus to edit and transfer the subscription.


You can transfer it several times a day if you like. :slightly_smiling_face:


Awesome thanks!

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You can transfer the cam-plus subscription to any camera anytime as long as that camera is on the same account as the original camera.

Let’s say you have a WYZE account with a cam-plus subscription and a family member has a separate WYZE account. There is currently no way for you to take the cam-plus subscription on your account and transfer it to your family members account.

You can’t even buy a cam-plus subscription as a gift for another WYZE user unless you logon to their account and pay for the cam-plus subscription. Which is why I created this wish list item: Gift cam-plus subscriptions

There is no transfer option.

I de-activated the old v2 cam under edit in service, , but there is no way to move it to the new v3 cam.
When i go to add the the existing license, only the old v2 cam shows in the list
The v3 cam only stays in the trail section.

Can you not transfer and active license to a cam that is in trial?

You have to first, remove the V3 from the trial; same procedure, use “Edit”.


It does not have a remove option either. i uncheck the box for the v3 cam and had to hit the big activate button. that removed it from the trial, and it then showed up on the other section.

Wyze could do with some improvements in this section of that app.

Unchecking IS the remove option, except that you finalize all changes by pressing the “Activate” button.

It’s one option to implement the idea. The other of course is to do away with the “Activate” button and execute each change immediately A few will complain about the implementation, too. You can’t please all people.