Cam plus is useless and annoying

This was a continuous moments. But for some reason, cam plus decided that it was not continuous recording.

Constantly got alerts every 30 seconds for these clips.

Going to cancel cam plus after the free trial ran out.

Looks like the tagging was highly accurate to me. Identifying a person in the dark, in IRNV Mode, while behind a pickup truck, at that distance, is pretty impressive. I would have been glad the cam alerted me to a person rather than not being notified.

I have Cam Plus on 27 cams. They all tag extremely accurate except for one (VDBv1). I have my sensitivity set relatively high so that Event videos are a bit longer. I would rather the cam notify me of an event with a short video than to not notify me of a Person at all. And, since I have SD Cards installed in all my cams, I can always jump straight to that exact time on the SD Card Video recorded to get uninterrupted full length 24\7 continuous footage.

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Can you provide a little more info on what you think the issue is? Can you also post pictures of your settings for Event Recording and Notification? Can you also let us know which camera your porch cam is?

Cam Plus is always on when you assign a camera but depending on settings may not record all events. Notifications can be adjusted as well.

Normally, when I see continuous recording, that is related to an SD Card setting. You can have the SD Card set to record continuously regardless of events or only record when there is an event.

As with @SlabSlayer , I also have CamPlus and it has worked well for me and all my cameras. But I also have AD Cards in them and set to continuous recording.