Cam Plus is 3 years old!

Cam Plus is now 3 years old and we want to celebrate with our Cam Plus subscribers by giving deals on! :partying_face:

This week is all about you, our Cam Plus subscribers. We are genuinely, sincerely, unabashedly thankful for you. We couldn’t do it without you. :heart_hands:

Keep an eye out for exclusive subscriber-only deals dropping all week long! Don’t forget to turn on notifications in the Wyze app too… We’ve got an epic flash sale coming, only available for Cam Plus subscribers! :eyes:


How about instead of giving deals just fix Cam Plus and the camera’s so they actually perform as advertised?!

What issues do you have? I’ve noticed recently that they are much more responsive to my telling them they misidentified. They seem to be learning examples by camera now.


I’ve noticed this too with some very specific use-cases of mine. I started getting a wrong detection on 2 of my cameras more than 50% of the time this situation occurred at night. I submitted several corrections and within a month (by the next AI update) it seems to have been totally resolved. I have been really impressed lately. The last time I had a wrong detection happening that frequently it took several months of submissions before it resolved, this time it was resolved by the very next update. Very impressed.


I’m not seeing any of my camera’s AI learning much if at all. They still will miss a person and pet, yet always see a parked vehicle. Often they will also miss a moving vehicle. Or just see a person with a pet or a pet and not the person. And more times than not they won’t label the recorded motion detection at all. I spend way too much time submitting corrections. I end up having to view everything because it misses so much so frequently. And it will stop the recording even though subject is still moving.

Arrgh. I can’t stand it. What am I missing? Deals deals deals!!

@Resist (you can’t :slight_smile: ) What are you buying??

So, am I to understand that all I have to do to get deals deals deals is to accept the free 3 months trial offered to EVERYONE??



It’s kinda fun being a flack. Not so remunerative, but still… :grin:

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I believe that would work since it is actually a full-fledged licence that just waives the first 3 months’ charges.

However, today is the last business day of this week, so you should’ve done it on Monday!

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So again I’ll ask, are you only allowed to buy one item and not several of the same thing with the flash sale? And can gift card amounts be stacked?

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I think it depends on their settings for that particular flash sale, but I believe they generally try to at least limit it to 1 per order to make sure people aren’t hoarding and reselling them so that more people get a chance at the flash sales.

Some of them sell out within seconds, while others are still available for the full flash period.

They might allow more than one on some of the less high-demand ones.


and more irritating than ever. Don’t market to me in every screen, I just want a camera that works, not an advertising machine.

You may want to turn off In-app Notifications in the Account > Notifications section of the app.

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