Cam Plus indicator

I have 9 wyze cams and 3 Cam Plus subscriptions. Would be nice if I could tell more easily which cams are using Cam Plus, in the list of cams in the app. Currently, I have to name the cams with a plus sign on the end so I can see at a glance which ones are using Cam Plus, and speaking of camera names… they get cut off on the display even though there’s plenty of white space left, so please consider using more of that white space.

You can press the camera button at top and when it shows all the cameras you will see the Cam Plus logo beside the cameras the have it

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A more visible way to distinguish CP cams vs using a + or relying on Wyze to possibly take up display real estate is to preface your cam name with an emoji. In this example, I used a large blue diamond: Stands out day and night and helps when I’m looking at 3 panels each displaying a group of 4 cams.


Noice! Didn’t think of it as a camplus indication, just used them to show what they watch.


Does using an emoji cause problems with other systems like Alexa or TinyCam?

Alexa gets a little annoying using emojis so I stopped using them. I add C+ in front of the cam names works much better for me.

Dont see a camera button at the top. Running the app on Android phone.

I had the same idea, but putting the + on the end of the camera name. BTW, you have much longer camera names than I can display in the Wyze app on my Android phone.