Cam Plus ghost

Got ANOTHER router to make sure my grief with my V2s wasn’t due to a weak WiFi network. I also had a WiFi extender. In the process, I had to delete my three online V2s. When I “Added” them back as new devices as prescribed, I was notified that this started a two-week trial of Cam Plus! I DON’T WANT another trial of Cam Plus. I went through that all through December, and bit the Cam Plus bullet with my V3. Then, it wouldn’t even add the trial for my third V2, and WOULDN’T show the AI Wyze Person detection option! After tearing everything apart again, hours later, all three V2s began to work, apparently correctly. But lo and behold, I’m now getting pestered with Cam Plus reminders. Wyze has done so much to build a reputation which they’re now trashing through negligence. Weakest link!