Cam Plus Failed to record an obvious event

An Amazon Prime driver delivered a package into my garage, but my Cam V4 failed to record anything with Cam Plus. It recorded the event successfully with the installed SD card, though. Is anyone else experiencing issues with their Cam Plus subscription?

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My V4 doesn’t record people or pets a lot of the time. I have Cam+ unlimited.


Having the same problem, Disappointed in the V4 in the detection of motion and notifications. I also have cam plus and the v3 does great but the V4 is missing a lot of motion.

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Mine suddenly started detecting people yesterday and actually detected a pet for the first time last night. Hopefully this continues.

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Same issue. I’m having to reboot my V4 with Cam Plus multiple times daily after I notice it hasn’t created events for activity I see visually. The SD card still records everything but there’s no Events to view. All of my V3 cameras on the same network are working fine.

It’s getting very frustrating.

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I’m guessing, since the V4 is so new, it probably has some bugs that will eventually get worked out through a future update. I haven’t had any issues since I wrote about it on this post. I reset my cam plus service and it has been working fine ever since.

I had reset mine a few times but it didn’t help, but the last time I reset it a few days ago seemed to fix it….for now.