Cam Plus Cancel on One Camera only

I have Cam Plus on 4 cameras and one of the cameras is bricked. I’ve replaced it and I want to cancel the bricked cam and add the new one…How do I do that?

On the app go to account>services. Remove the checkmark from the bad cam and add it to the cam of choice.

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Unfortunately I can’t do that as I deleted the device in my attempts to reset it. It no longer appears in the list.

Did you set up the new camera on the same Wyze account? 4 of my 5 cameras are the battery powered WCO and they do not have cam plus on them but I can switch the Cam Plus from my Driveway cam a V3 to any other cams I want to, I just did it yesterday. Why does the new cam not show up on your list of available cameras? Does your services account show you have one license available or didn’t you remove it from the old the cam prior to deleting the cam. Screen shot of services would help.

If you have deleted the bad cam from your Wyze app, you should now have 1 open unassigned license in CamPlus on the Account>Services tab. Deleting the bad cam should not affect the license. After installing the new cam to the home page, you should then be able to assign the open license to that new cam.

Antonius, Thank you my friend! I didn’t remove the bricked cam from the list before I deleted it. I just checked the list and my new cam is now on the list and it showed that I had one available spot…I"m sure that wasn’t the case yesterday but in any event all is working as it should now…Thank you again for your help.

Thank you for your help…all is working fine now.

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:smiley: great

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