Cam Plus based on data usage not per camera

So between my front, back, and mom’s house I have about 10 cams that I use for security. They don’t go off often, normally just deliveries or arriving home. The 15 seconds is probably enough to cover me. I do want the luxury of a long video though if something nefarious happens (lots of cars robbed one night, not mine since I locked it, but all the unlocked ones were - ya, lock yer crap). Anyways, I had to scan through the vid to find the specific data, which was a pain. I would like the safety of a video that can’t be stolen with the cam, but even with the discount spending over $100 a year is a bit stiff.

My recommendation is a bandwidth plan that is account specific. So you can have 5, 10, or 50 cams on it. You go old school cell phone plan on it and say you get like 2 hours of total video for $$$ a month… then 5 hours for more, 10 for more, and unlimited for a lot.

I do want to help keep Wyze covering their costs so they can continue to make cool stuff. So I think it’s fair we pay our fair share… but for someone who won’t use a lot of data/bandwidth, it’s just too expensive for a lot of cams. Frustrating to have to pick and choose if I go on the cheap… I delete my videos daily, so I personally would be fine with a few hours of recording.

Then just be CLEAR on what happens to the older videos upon reaching your limit. So if you have 5 hours and don’t delete vids, then old vids are auto deleted if you’re at your 5 hour mark as new things record.

I realize this will be harder to code, but I think it’s a more logical business model for future longevity.