Cam Plus AI Events Not Working

Wow. My Alexa notifications had been outpacing my push notifications by a wide margin! But, now that we have new and improved AI…as advertised, I will just have to spin the circus :circus_tent: back up and wait for the main event.

Good luck :crossed_fingers:!

Just sent video clip to Wyze for AI event and Alexa announced person detection on a v1 pan cam with CPL. It was a vehicle passing with lights on. No person visible anywhere and impossible to see person in vehicle at night. This is a new first-time AI error, but confirms CPL works on the camera.

That’s good news and bad!

The CPL working is great! My street facing cams AI ID fast moving cars as people and pets all the time! Especially in bad weather, at night, or if there are multiple cars moving opposite directions.

I just keep submitting the video and keep moving