Cam Plus AI Events Not Working

I am not using beta firmware. I do not have detects sound turned on with any of my cam plus cameras, just detects motion. I have no issues with errors, just the AI failures that are not working again and now all tagging is motion. I don’t believe we should have to make any changes or adjustments to keep AI working correctly and uninterrupted. This is a huge failure on Wyze behalf and we suffer the consequences for it.

I agree. (knock on wood) i hope mine keeps going. So far this morning im getting proper AI flagging on notifications, other than the typical 50% error rate on pet detection…But, whatever was causing the settings on several of my devices to switch on thier own, has stopped. I still think its all a cloud error on thier end. Have yet to hear back from them on the ticket i opened. The silence speaks volumes.

Something happened today. I’ve done nothing to the single V3 cam that the Cam Plus is assigned to. It is now detecting and reporting people 100%. No vehicles have driven past it today, yet…

I have two V2 with CamPlus. No AI detections for a week now…

I have tried restarting the cam and removing and re-adding CamPlus but nothing working. Everything is updated. I’m unable to unplug them as I’m not home.

So update from Wyze. The Wyze wizards (3rd one on ticket) will be closing my ticket as they have gone through everything they can, even though they would of know that has they read my ticket and updates to it.
It will be escalated to “higher escalations and engineers” who will provide an ETA to review the logs as the Customer support do not follow or provide support, Im not quite sure why I pay for Cam Plus at the moment and who knows how my issue will be tracked and if I will get an update. Hopefully someone else is having more luck then me.

Also Wyze avoid the fact I point out the forum posts.

@db2 probably worthless advice for now but maybe for the future I have smart plugs connect to all my devices makes the turn off and back on easier when your not nearby

I considered smart plugs on all of my cameras also but since they can be turned on/off in the app, I use rules to schedule on/off times. What persuaded me against smart plugs was the added demand on my wifi network. I don’t have gigabyte wifi service or gateway. The less wireless devices the better for keeping my network stable. My next upgrade will be to gigabyte wifi and gateway.

Back to no AI today… not even one. The motion is detected and recorded, just no AI detection/notifications.

Something is happening on the Wyze end… Today, I got over 100 AI detections of “Person”. Unfortunately they were cars. I shut off notifications. Ugggh…

My notifications have been slightly better but I still have a couple of cameras that aren’t getting AI events, they are just “motion” events. I gotta think that progress is being made. I hope. I pray.

I’m still not getting proper CamPlus AI events on my V2s since about Dec 27. Before they used to be 97% correct, now it’s like 15% correct and vehicle detections is very very bad.

Also when I get the notification on my phone, it always says “Motion”, but then I go into the app into recent events and it will show the “AI” event (when it works), or I have to refresh for the “AI” event to show in the app, like it’s delayed.

I have deleted and reinstalled the app, removed and added my cameras for CamPlus, restarted cameras, power cycled cameras.

Is everyone else back to normal ?

I’d say I’m 85% back to normal. I still get some stray AI notifications that show up as generic motion but for the most part things seem to be normal again. I’d like it to be perfect all the time and I’m hoping someday it will be.

I would say I’m maybe 75% back. Still not getting accurate package detection, my dog is 50% pet and 50% person, vehicles are hit and miss and true person is about 90%. The latest issue is Alexa announcing person detections 15 ‐20 minutes after the event and not in the order the person passed the cameras. This one has to be an AWS server issue.

So my ticket with Wyze went along the lines of try all the actions I have already done be it each agent does not read the ticket and you have to explain it all again.

Once that was done and did not solve anything I was told to submit logs and my ticket will be closed. I should look out for any updates that may or may not get pushed out. Wow brilliant.

My worst camera out of the 2 V3 is 10% for person and the better one of the two is about 75%.

Most defo not hardware related.

I have 2 v3’s that are outside in the New England cold that seem more prone than my WCO’s. I have found a quick but not permanent solution when they get ‘stuck’ is to unplug the camera for 5 mins. Once they are plugged back in and online PD functionality seems to return to normal for a few days. Hardware or software? It shouldn’t matter because it shouldn’t be happening.

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Did you ever get a fix for this?

Wsze plus AI is completely broken for me, As soon as I switch it on, ALL notifications stop, it doesn’t even record anything. (yes I have all the boxes marked correctly). Wyze has also investigated a number of times, and in the end, said they would rather cancel my license as cannot find the issue.

I even bought another V3 and it’s giving the exact same problem, which tells me it’s a Wyze service problem.

They are definitely aware of the issue, but clearly don’t care and wish people would just sign up for CAM plus even with all the errors.

Nope hasnt been fixed. I have given up. Although I did buy 2 new V3 cameras to see if that made any difference but none. Defo a v3 problem as my V2 work fine. I have noticed over the past few days notifications are improving but we will have to see. @WyzeJimmy @WyzeGwendolyn somone at Wyze needs to take some ownership of the issue. Its great you are launching new products but fix the old ones that are broken.

For me the last few weeks have I have seen my AI notifications on my V2s with CamPlus improve significantly, almost back to what it was before all this happened in Dec.
I would say i’m almost moving back into 90%+ accuracy range.

Also there was another update released today, so hopefully that helps as well.

Fortunately, I can report no real issues at this point. My cameras and notifications are working okay, even for cam plus lite. Except I have one WCO that insist on identifying my dog as a person and Alexa announces accordingly. Definitely an AI issue.

Question, has anyone besides me experienced ghost Alexa person detection announcements recently? It has happened multiple times with back to back multiple announcements before stopping. No activity on the cameras involved, a couple v3’s.


I recently turned my Alexa notifications off during testing and have not turned them back on.

Previously, I would get Alexa notifications for AI events, but I would not get any push notification for the same event on my phone. The event video however, would be posted and AI tagged on the events tab.

I don’t know if you consider this “ghost” notifications because I am not sure if you also got events populated to the app, but this specific issue is being caused by a delayed AI interrogation of the video in the cloud. The issue has been identified and confirmed by Wyze, but no return update has been provided. Now that the AI has been updated, I am again monitoring for these missed notifications. If they get better, I will allow Alexa back to the party.

Push notifications have not been an issue for me on my phone with Alexa announcements as it’s only for person. I get all AI video events and corresponding push notifications. I have noticed that in a sequence of multiple events in a short period of time, person/motion/vehicle/pet may be tagged in the first but only e.g. vehicle/motion or pet/vehicle tagged in subsequent events in the time frame although all AI appears in each event. Package AI events still needs a lot of work as it is more miss than hit. I have sent many video clips supporting all of these issues.

My pet peeve is the 5 sometimes 10 second delay between the AI person event and the Alexa announcement.