Cam Pan v3 Ideas (E.g., outdoor rating, optical zoom, etc.)

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I would love to have an outdoor Wyze Cam Pan. I would love to put one out to look in my yard for turtles and alligators. I go out every day looking to get photos/video of the gators and/or turtles swiming in the pond. It would be great to be able to see if in the pond before going out. Also like to check the yard before I take the dogs out. I currently just peek out the screen door before I open it to go out with them to make sure the coast is clear, but having a pan cam would be awesome!


If Wyze does this, they need to make sure it’s whisper quiet. If it’s as loud as my two Pan Cam V2’s, it’ll scare everything out of your Pond AND it’ll be clear in the area before you take your dogs out!

I’ve considered putting one of my Pan Cam V2’s on the ground level of a covered patio to see how my nightly run of Raccoons would react to it, but I don’t want to scare them off. Then again, the Rats and Mice the frequent the perimeter of the house… I would love for them to be scared off… hmmm, perhaps Wyze can make the AI recognize a RAT or MOUSE at ground level and emit an annoying noise to run them off…:slight_smile:


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Scaring off rats or mice would be great too! We occasionally have issues with those as well, but haven’t in quite a while now though. I don’t have the original so have no idea how loud it is, but definitely need one for outdoors.

Now there is a good idea for a camera company! Rodent AI detection - with some sort of pan and tilt spray device. Also, all exterior cameras should have a Vivint style chirp option to deter intruders further.

Spray Water a stream of water at the offending target.

Wyze could tie it into one’s Sprinkler system somehow… to keep Dogs off of one’s lawn that keep depositing land mines in random places that they should not be.

Looks like this idea is already out there: Best motion-activated sprinklers in 2022 that actually work | Buyer's Guide

So… Wyze needs to pursue that market :slight_smile:

After they get the Wyze App to work on an iPad in Landscape mode that is


Outdoor camera with that works like the pan cam

I have the pan cam in my house and my business. I’m looking to put cameras outside my house and would love to find some that track motion like my pan cams


A weatherproof ptz solar powered (or wired) camera. Maybe a regular (not weatherproof) camera, but offer some type of clear weatherproof housing. This would protect the camera, but still give it the ability to pan 360 degrees unobstructed, as well as up/down views. An automatic AI zoom/follow feature would be icing on the cake!!

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Outdoor Cam that Pans

I simply looking to buy an outdoor cam that will Pan as your indoor Cam will Pan and will work with the solar panel

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Pan cam version for outdoors

Create an indoor/ outdoor version of the pan cam. The camera following people freeks them out and makes people think you are activly watching them. This is a great deterant in it’s self.


Why not add the Vivint style “peep” option too, when it detects a person?

Yes a PTZ camera from wyze woukd be great!! I am trying to move away from a higher cost video surveillance system as wyze is far more stable. But neither of my camera companies have a PTZ camera so i search for a compatible PTZ. This is top of my list with grandkids here and a pool setup i need as many eyes on the little ones as possible!

Wyze does make a PTZ camera, just not an outdoor one. However if you look on Amazon you can find these “weatherproof” covers for the wyze pan cam. I used one outdoors in the Midwest with rain, shine, and snow and the camera lasted for about a year before it finally died.

Yeah I have 2 v1s and 1 v2 of the Pan Cams, but they are not outdoor cameras and would like higher zoom. Not sure what is the zoom abilities of wyze cameras, not a lot of data on zoom.

Wyze camera v3 pro pan?

I would like to see that you make a camera that has the v3 pro features but can also be move like your pan v2. I’m planning to use this for a parking lot. It also could be used for a kids room to see what they are doing when the camera can not catch that view.

Rotatable Wyze Outdoor Camera

Hello again Wyze Team,

Can you all make a rotatable outdoor Wyze cam; one with the ability to rotate 360 degrees and still run off battery power as well as USB cabled power?

My #1 desire for Cam Pan is for there to be an outdoor rated version, or something we can do to use it outdoors. I would be one of the first in line to buy something I can mount on my house or somewhere else outside that will pan, tilt and zoom.

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Wyze Cam Pan for Outdoors

Just like the current Wyze Cam Pan v2, make one that is outdoor rated.
Would include:

  • Color Night Vision
  • Two-Way Audio, Pan & Tilt
  • Rotating 360*
  • Add in Wide Angle and Telephoto options
  • 4K

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Exactly what I wished for with a little extra.

Does Wyze have plans to make a cordless indoor camera? I just purchase the Wyze Cam Pan v2 and didn’t realize that it isn’t cordless like the outdoor cameras. I like to travel and sometimes the best place for the camera placement is not near or within 6 feet of an outlet. This would be an invaluable feature.

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