Cam Pan playback misbehaving

One of my four Cam Pans has just started behaving oddly. When I tap View Playback I see the timeline with green bars, but the image displayed is based on the live image in view when “View Playback” was tapped. It doesn’t change when I scroll back along the timeline to earlier green bars. The image occupies the top left of the screen as a sort of large thumbnail, and the rest of the left-hand side of the screen is take up with what looks like a binary signal: a mess of random black dots arranged in rows. The other three cams are behaving normally, Events from the troublesome camera are shown normally too. The app is Android 2.5.33, the cam pan’s firmware is

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It appears you have a similar problem do this Live View Playback - #3 by corinnamr

You should submit a support request here so the support staff can help you figure this problem out

Thanks - yes, it does indeed seem to be the same problem. I’ll do as you suggest.

It would probably be helpful if you send a screenshot or two along with your support request
I hope you get it resolved soon :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks. Yes, I did include a screenshot. I’ll report back if I learn anything useful.

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As reported in the thread Permanent HD Display - #17 by which is on the same issue, the problem seems to be something to do with changing the resolution of the cam pan. In my case it was resolved by changing the resolution from 360, which it had gone to spontaneously, back to SD.

I got a very rapid response to the ticket I submitted. They were going to suggest experimenting with resolution, but our Forum, in their words, beat them to the punch :slight_smile:

Well obviously there is a bug there somewhere hopefully they’ll get it resolved in the next update.
I hope it keeps working right for you

Yes, something definitely isn’t right, but these intermittent bugs can be tricky to track down, can’t they? Thanks for your help.

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