Cam Pan Person Detection

Hi All

I had a lot of difficulty getting person detection working on a wyze cam pan mounted under eaves overlooking rear garden . The only way to get it working reliably was to turn off pan scan and motion tracking. If I turn either of these setting on I get continuous detectionn of plant leaf movement… Is this normal?


This is usually caused by the fact it uses pixel motion detection. If enough pixels change due to plant leaf movement it will trigger. You could try adjusting the sensitivity.


Agreed, but my findings are that the false detection of background movement is exacerbated if the camera pans across the scene. I would have thought that if the camera scans a scene in a predictable manner they could just XOR two aligned scenes pixels to see what moved a computationally simple exercise. IMO leaf movement will provide only minor errors along the edges of the leaf from one scene to another and can be discounted in an algorithm. The system only needs to look for large blocks of pixels movements within the scene to determine that there is something new here. This may be one way to tackle person detection within a pan scan as currently It only seems to work in my case with the pan scan disabled and employing the pan scan as a stationary camera. Altr=ernatives to the above would be to calculate a correlation function value for each matched scene and only look deeper if the match error exceeds a user-settable threshold.

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