Cam Pan notifications

First, The Cam Pan is a life saver. I have an elderly father who doesn’t need 24 hour supervision, but does need checking on. I can finally go to work, and check up on him and make sure he hasn’t fallen, and make sure his aids are doing the right thing. With that said, When I check up on him, and move the camera, through the app, it sends an alert that the camera has detected movement. Shouldn’t there be a way to automatically stop this. Of course there’s movement, I’m the one moving the camera. Notifications should be muted, when in live view. Is there a way to do this?

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You can silence the Wyze notifications in the app but they won’t turn off automatically when your in live view. I haven’t had issues with the movement triggering notifications when I use the pan scan function.
To silence notifications in app press the bell.
Notifications off:
Notifications on: