Cam Pan Boot Loop


My campan got into bootloop…
When turned on, it would do the normal thing, and as soon you think, that the bootup is done, the blue light goes from blinking to static, and then turns off. At this point the cam does not reboot, it does nothing(cant connect to it through app), and after 3-4 minutes , it reboots itself, and this continues.

The issue was with the sdcard. I have a pny 32GB class 10 sdcard. When i looked at the sdcard, the filesystem seemed to be fine, i was able to browse and view the videos, but the last video that it saved was just 3-5sec long instead of 1min. So something went wrong, with the sdcard, and camera stopped recording, and started boot looping.

I tried to fix the sdcard fat filesystem using linux cpmmand fsck.vfat, and it did fix few errors.

After which everything returned to normal, and no format was needed. One thing i noted is that before filesystem fixing, the freespace left was shown to be around 500MB, and after fixing, the free space was around 2GB+

Suggestion: if the camera goes into bootloop, or faces some issues with the sdcard, can it do a auto fsck check on the sdcard, and auto fix these kind of issues?.
And BTW may i ask, why does wyze use such an old filesystem? Why not EXT4? or maybe exfat?


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Maybe to be compatible with old Windows OS, because the only way to get files off the camera is to sneaker-net them off. Although, it is old.

Then there’s:

exFAT is a proprietary and patent-protected file system with certain advantages over NTFS with regard to file system overhead.