Cam Outdoor v2 questions

I did a factory reset on my outdoor camera.
Should it be recording with default factory setup or do I need to do anything?

Do I “HAVE TO” have motion tagging on? It is not on by default. I also find the green square in the videos on playback later very annoying.

Right now it is showing me a live stream but not recording when there is movement.

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You don’t need the Motion Tagging on to do recordings. you so need to ensure you have Event Recording Turned on for recording purposes, and then if you want to be notified, you need to turn on Notifications with what you would like to be notified.

Are you using Cam Plus or Cam Plus Lite? In order for the minimum 12 second recordings to be done and saved to the Wyze Cloud, you need one of those.

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I am using this one - right now it will send me a notification saying it detects motion but not capturing a photo or video.

I am not using the cloud. I am storing to memory card on the camera.

All motion events are stored in the cloud. The sd card is only for manually started or continuous recording. By default, when Event Recording is enabled, a picture will be uploaded to the cloud. If you sign up for cam plus lite (pay what you want, as low as 0 a month) and get 12 second cloud recordings. All cloud recordings and pictures are in the events tab at the bottom of the app.