Cam not detecting all events

My cam is not recording all events. For instance i will see my neighbor walking in with his dog but not walking out. Its the only way in or out and same exact path. First cam. No idea how to fix this. :sob:

Does your camera have Cam Plus or Cam Plus Lite? The cam is sleeping until it senses motion in the PIR zone. Make sure the area you are trying to view is in the green/blue shaded area. Set everything to 100%

Have cam plus. I do not see the PIR setting

Your post shows Cameras cam-outdoor. Looking at your settings it looks to me like you have a camera that is plugged into power like a V3 camera and not a battery powered WCO-(WYZE Cam Outdoor). Is your camera plugged into power??
If you open the cam go to settings > scroll down to Device Info tap the > What model does it show?

It is plugged in with the outdoor adapter.

You Have a WYZE Cam OG. I do not have an OG Cam so I don’t know if the app is similar? Under event recording do you have all motion events or Smart detection Events?
What Smart events do you have Turned on?

I AM AT MY WITS END WITH THIS JUNK!!! This cam only records when it feels like it. I have tried everything that has been suggested. I see my neighbor walking in with his dog on the EXACT same sidewalk he walked out on but no recording of the out. This is happening with other incidents too. I have 3 neighbors going in and out and this is consistently happening. I am exhausted of it. This is for security but not very secure if only half assed recording. Pardon my french

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I don’t speak French. You will have to translate.

Which cam are you referring to? You tagged several models in your post and they have vastly differing settings and capabilities. If there is anything that can be done to tune your cam, we will first need to know the model. We also need to know if your cam is subscribed to Cam Plus or Cam Plus Lite.

Please realize, that while most users expect these cams to do everything, everywhere, all the time, that is an unrealistic expectation. All cams need to be tuned for their specific environment. That’s why they have so many settings. And, placing a cam is like looking for Real Estate… Location, Location, Location. Your Field of View is probably more important than the settings you enter. Placing the cam with a poor FOV will result in more missed and false positive events than anything else.

@jeanne.b69 has an OG camera. The field off view is small. Previous post:


You already have your sensitivity maxed out, so your cam should be activating on anything that moves within your Detection Zone.

Your detection zone doesn’t look like it is a big issue either.

However, the camera Field of View angle will decrease your AI tag efficiency. These cams work best on a level field of view at about eye height so that there is a crossing pattern of motion with a profile image. The higher they are mounted, the steeper the frame angle, and the less likely the AI is to recognize objects. Given that yours is both on a downward angle and to the side, this may be affecting the AI efficiency.

The OG Cam doesn’t have the capability to disable saving of motion only uploads like some of the other cams. I will assume that you have person detection on. Any other AI Smart Detection on? In your events tab, are you seeing regular motion events and Smart AI tagged events?

All detection is on always much to my chagrin

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Same problem here after a couple hours the events stop recording but yet are still on the sd card?