Cam hot

When I was changing sc card in cam, I noticed the cam extremely hot and a faint smell of burst electrical wire. The outside casing is stained yellow, appears to be seeping from inside of cam. Has anyone else experienced this? Can I request cam to be replaced?

That doesn’t sound good. I would recommend contacting support for a replacement. Have you submitted a support ticket on this?

I submitted a ticket only. How do a request a replacement?

Please post your ticket number here so we can try to get it expedited.

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This is the ticket #295951. Thanks for the quick response.


Thank you for the ticket number! Loki let me know about this and we apologize for the experience you’ve had. I’ll go look up your ticket now and we’ll work on sending you a replacement and getting this one back so we can look at it.

Good thing you posted! Looks like this was sent in as a log through a beta app. Those logs are sent to the dev team and generally don’t receive a response and they are not viewed by the support team. I’ll make a new ticket for you so we can work with you on this. In the future, for support cases as opposed to just log submission, please use this link:

Submit a request – Wyze

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Thanks again.


You’re welcome! :slight_smile:

By the way, you should have an email from me now.

I have not recieved an email from you yet.