Cam Groups do NOT work

Create a cam group containing any of the following cam types (pan v2, pan v3 or cam v3) and a rule that references that cam group fails to run.

For example, 1) create a cam group containing one or more cam pan v3s, 2) then create a rule to turn ON the cams in the newly created group, 3) then try running the new rule and an “operation failed” message displays and 4) the cams in the group do not turn ON. Note: this issue appears to exist for any/all cam operations and for any/all combinations of cam types.

Also, (not sure if it’s related but) these group operations use to work properly for all cam type combinations and cam operations before updating cam firmware on 6/16/24.

I just tried a group rule to restart the three V3 cameras in one of my existing groups. Then brought up the group to watch them at the rule time. All three cameras stopped showing me video about 9 seconds after the scheduled rule, and resumed about 45 seconds later. Looking at the rule history showed the rule completed successfully.