Cam+ discounts in same order? and combining base system and other things to the same order?

I’ve noticed that a couple of things I’m eying apparently have discounts for cam+ subscribers. I’m about order multiple cam+ and cameras,

I’d like to order my whole pile at once to save on shipping. For that matter, I’d like to know what the discounts are :slight_smile:

[ok, I multi-colored remote controlled lights are frivolous, but I’m easily amused.]

When I try to add the monitoring system, it seems to only be able to go to checkout for the system, ignoring whatever else is in my cart.

Or am I doing something wrong?

Are you on, and not the app…sounds like you need 2 do 2 orders…its easy and fast I think since the order is over $100.00 freight is free,if not it’s not much at all anyway

I’m on the website.

I rarely use apps for anything unless I absolutely have to!


Wish I could help. More details, like what exactly are you ordering when this happens?

I have a watch and a camera in the cart.

I then add the home monitoring service (upper left entry of monitoring when you choose “all” under “shop”), which throws in a base. On the next couple of screens, I add a couple of window sensors and cameras. It then goes straight to checkout, and shows only these monitoring things, not the contents of the cart.

Subtotal is $145, yet it applies $9 shipping instead of the new terms of free shipping for over $125.

And if I open another tab and go to the cart, my two items, but not the monitoring system, are there.


Free shipping promotion does not apply to Wyze Home Monitoring Service (HMS) and HMS products:

but that’s really a side issue on this that I noticed along the way.

The cart thing is just odd.