Cam-3 trouble

Not sure whats going on here. But when I try to set it up , it does not find the network??
It does scan the QR code then can’t find

Are you sure that you entered the network info correctly? SSID and passwords are case sensitive.

Yes , i’ve tried a few times? Having same problem when I changed router and got all cams back but light bulb does the same thing

do you have both 2.4 AND 5ghz frequencies on your router? and are both of them on when you’re trying to set up?

The light bulbs were killing me until I read on the forum that you should temporarily disable mobile data on the phone during setup. Your phone can see a valid Internet path and refuse to stay on the device’s local WiFi long enough to finish setup. The other newer problem is needing to disable “private network” features in iOS and Android.

We are installers, and always have that same problem when the internet is very slow…
With Wyze products, must be activated the Location and the internet, dont works only in the LAN wifi, I think would be more happy and amazing, if somebody open that option and so we can to setup the products firstly only in the LAN and thereafter, turn on the location and internet…I have faith some day.

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One other thing is to set your activation device “phone” onto the 2.4 ghz network thst your wyze devices will be using when activating them. I have had my ohone on my 5ghz network before and the decice would not activate until i set
My phone onto the 2.4 ghz network

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thanks I’ve done that