Cam 3 Shortcuts

Upon opening the app on IOS, shortcuts/rules on the Wyze Home screen are virtually unreadable and unusable since the icon takes up screen real estate and the text is cut-off. Am I missing something?

Welcome to the forums @levy76

what version of the app are you using and what version of IOS are you using. I know this was an issue with previous IOS Beta versions but I am not a fruit fan. but if needed I can get some apple connoisseurs to chime in here if we cant figure out what’s going on using the versions.

It’s the same on both iOS & Android, tablet & phone, V1, V2 or V3 cams (or any other shortcut). The visible labels for the shortcuts are roughly ~5-10 characters long, depending on case, word breaks, and how much space the proportional font characters take up. I have learned to abbreviate a lot.

DW = Driveway
BkYd = Backyard

(some examples)