Cam 3 pro offline

My cam3 pro went offline, I’m with vacation. Is there a way to get it back on line. From my Hotel.

Probably not. If you can log in to your router remotely (like with the router’s app), you could tell the router to restart and see if that refreshes the connection.

Some people keep a smart plug connected to their camera just in case something like this happens, but unless you plan that in advance, it’s not possible.

One option would be to ask someone (family? Neighbor? Close Friend?) to go over there and pull out the power cord and plug it back in and see if that does it.

Lastly…you can hope it comes back online by itself. It should check/retry to connect by itself occasionally.

Just in case it is the app, I would go to the account tab → app settings → Clear the Cache File Size. Then restart your phone and see if it pulls up now.

Also, check and see if you are getting any events still in the events tab. If you are, then it may just be that the live stream isn’t working for you away from home (this is a current known issue some people are experiencing…but they are still able to view cloud events, just not the live stream or SD card). Wyze is working on that issue if that is it.