Cam 3 pan actually use 360° rather than junk out if it happens to track movement across its rotation limit

Will the pan 3 camera eventually be able to understand how to rotate the other direction to continue tracking motion once it reaches its limit in any one direction? Cuz right now it acts like someone checking their rear view for pedestrians before backing out of a parking space (and because a pedestrian was observed walking across field of view in the most predictable manor) they turn of the ignition and cancel the rest of their day and sit there defeated as opposed to turning the other direction to compensate for unidirectional panning limits with existing mechanical ability to contiguously capture events in all direction rather than constantly failing to render videos of activity within capable range due to it happening across that slice of fault. Maybe call this the owl update and hugely improve a major oversight with some ingenuitive coding without need for a physical change in hardware… though, maybe next panning cam can have continuous rotation in all directions with some sort of rolling bearing circuitry for true limitless range.

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