Cam 3 full screen view fails on Galaxy Tablet S7+ Recently

Works fine on my S10+ phone.

App V2.29.1 (116)
Within the last week or so, possibly since last updates
Select a V2 or V3 camera, in Live Stream, portrait orientation, I select the full screen icon.
Screen flashes to Wyze Blue Screen then puts me back into the app main screen.
In landscape orientation.
When I select a V3 camera same isssue
When I select a V2 camera it opens into full screen mode.
When I select the small view icon in the top right it flashes to the blue Wyze screen then to the Wyze main screen.
Very irritating. This worked fine at one time.

Both V3s have a spot light
Firmware Versions
Cam V2:
Cam V3:

There was a thread about this or a similar issue. One of the community members found that the display size setting affected it. Putting it in default, seemed to correct it.

I have a Pixel 6 and don’t experience the issue, so I cannot verify the solution noted.

Samsung has been pushing UI updates to tablets that affect full screen mode.

What operating system version is running on your S7+?

Which UI and version is loaded on your tablet, One UI or One UI Core? Android settings > About tablet > Software information

Android V12

Only thing displayed is:
“One UI version 4.0”

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Please see this post and replies:

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Awsome! That fixed it.


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That’s great to hear! :smiley: Thank you for the reply! :+1:

Thanks that worked for me.

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