Cam 3 Constantly dropping

I have several Cam3 cameras (some with flood lights) that drop at least weekly. They are all on wall switches that I have taped in the on position. I physically have to reset the switch in order for them to come back on line. Anyone else having this issue and how did you fix it?

Many users remedy that by plugging their cams into a Smart Plug that has a built in schedule to power cycle the cam on a regular basis. I cycle all mine every night. This refreshes the memory allocations in the Cam’s RAM and combats memory leak issues which leads to cam failures.

With the Floodlight, however, that is going to be a bit more difficult. It can be done, but rewiring the power supply to a plug outlet will be required.

Probably your WiFi / Router that causes this.

I used to have that issue, but after upgrading to a Mesh WiFi network I rarely have to reset my cameras.

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Excellent point @bryonhu!

Check your router settings for something called QOS (Quality of Service) or WMM (WiFi MultiMedia).

These are settings that allow the router to “prioritize” which devices get bandwidth and decide which device is more important. I have had issues in the past with a previous router deciding that my TV and Alexa devices were far more worthy of bandwith than my cams.

I have a wifi mesh router from ASUS WIFI 6 compatible, purchased in 2020

I have QOS Setup.

The picture shows my options and priorities. I am using streaming for all TV consumed. Just one TV but NetFlix on laptops, Max 2-3 at a time

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Interesting thought. Two of my camera/floodlight combinations are on a single Alexa automated switch. The one I am having most of my issues with is in the basement on a regular switch. I am handicapped so I cannot get down there easily.

The Camera/floodlight on my garage/driveway is on a switch and I never have problems with that one.

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My camera and floodlight combos are both connected to the same switch. That should resolve your statement about floodlights being a concern, correct? And what do you do? program your switch to turn off for 5 minutes and then turn back on?

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Have you experimented with disabling the QOS feature in the router altogether and monitoring if it makes an improvement in the Wyze connectivity while not degrading other network device connectivity?

I don’t have my floodlights on any switch. I have them wired with a standard male plug and then plug them into a Wyze Plug.

However, the concept is similar to any Smart Switch or Smart Plug used to power any Smart Device (like cams) that need a power cycle to get back online. Create a Schedule or Rule\Routine that will turn off the power to the device and then back on.

I have my all my plugs controlled by an Alexa Routine that turns them off for 30s in groups and then turns them back on. However, if the individual plug or switch has the capability for local device schedules that are saved and executed from the device rather from the server (like all Wyze Rules and Alexa Routines), the local schedules are preferred as they will execute even if the internet is out and the server can’t reach the device.

Also, if you are using a Smart Switch that operates in Smart Mode, this won’t work for a power cycle. The Smart Mode doesn’t cut the power off. It simply sends a command, just like a rule or routine, to Turn Off the smart device plugged into it which is executed at the device. It has to operate like a conventional switch that will fully disconnect the power circuit to the device in order for it to power cycle.

i’m using all Lutron Casetta switches in the house where I need this kind of functionality so it is a 0/1 type of situation. I will go ahead and put the other Cameras/Floodlights on a similar switch and see how it works. thanks so much for the feedback!

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It is just Wyze products, I think they do it on purpose. One of my cameras do the same thing except everyday multiple times a day. Wyze will do nothing… I suggest going to a different company, I am currently checking out a new company so I can replace my 8 cameras which I currently have with Wyze. The hassle, inconvenience, and lack of quality service is very disappointing. I hope you are able to find a solution and if not I encourage you to switch to a different company. Best of luck.

I’m not sure why they would do it on purpose? and I have $1,000 invested in Wyze products plus the cost of labor to install everything

I think to make people buy more cameras… Yeah, 1K is a pretty penny, I am at 400-450 so I’m not that deep in. Ready to restart in hopes of less issues.