Cam 2 - what am I doing wrong?

I have two Wyze cams and have positioned them in several locations and regularly get false readings. I’ve set audio to minimum and motion to about 25%. I’ve also set a zone to limit any motion or car light caused activation.

For lack of a better description I’m getting white fly bys. It’s quick and fast. They only occur in the dark and I’m getting them inside and outside. Sometimes it’s like snowflakes or dust flying by. Other times it’s a more substantial size like a post it note.
Any idea as to what’s causing it and how I can eliminate the false alert?

I feel you pain. I have my basement set to zero sound and still get alerts. I don’t think the slider is very accurate. I hope this improves over time

your best bet would be to place a Wyze motion sensor next to the camera. they only pick up heat signatures and would be far more accurate


I had a Wyze motion sensor mounted outside (under an eave, pointing down) near one of my cameras, and it was firing off far more frequently that the camera near the same location, even after I limited its scope of view with a baffle to one side of it. I finally gave up and moved it back inside, where it operates normally.

If you look at the discussion of Wyze’s forthcoming outdoor camera, you’ll note one of the issues they’ve had with developing it is how often the PIR sensor is (falsely) triggered.

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I have multiple motion sensors outside and I’m yet to have a problem. Although I did have to look at the specifications for the viewing angle on the motion sensor, I then cut a piece of paper at that angle and put it up front of the camera so I can see where exactly the view was for the sensor itself. it was kind of stupid and tedious but it worked when I finally got it positioned to where It needed to be.

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