Calibrating Wyze Lock Without Owner Nearby

Anyone have any Hacks to get around this issue? :grinning: I am nowhere near my Wyze lock, and the thing needs to be recalibrated!

We have been using the Wyze lock on a rental property for about a year. The lock started acting funny, and sure enough, on my app, it said the lock needs “recalibration”.

So I tried to recalibrate the lock, but the app has to be nearby.

My patient tenant downloaded the Wyze app, made an account, and I shared the lock with them. But this also failed. The “owner” is the one that has to be nearby!

I contacted support and they told me I could share my account info with the tenant and they can log in as me temporarily. I don’t like this idea as I have dozens of devices on my account that could be unintentionally messed up. Assuming I trusted the tenant that much too, is another matter.

During this ordeal - I am no where near the house. Hours away.

This is a pretty big BUG for anyone that wants to us this on a rental home and use a Wyze lock.
Why the locked needed recalibration is another strange thing…

One alternative solution could be to set up a separate Wyze account just for the lock, then delete the lock off your main account that contains other cameras, etc. Give the tenant access to the newly created account and ask them to set it up on there and do the calibration. When they finish, change the password, share it back to the tenant’s account and to your main account so it is still there too, set everything back up, etc.

The above is the best way to do this with the lowest risk possible. Tenant will never be able to access stuff in the main account, and will lose access to the new account shortly thereafter with everything resolved and working again and you still able to get notifications, etc on the main account as before.