Business updates from Wyze's cofounders: Wyze Cam v3 is available again for Cam Plus subscribers. 1/28/21

Business updates from Wyze’s cofounders.

Hey friends,

We’re going to be straight up with you about some bad news we got this week. Some of our key suppliers informed us they would only be able to supply about ⅓ of the chips we need to make Wyze Cams.

TL;DR: This means that over the next few months, several items will be in and out of stock including Wyze Cam v3. Cam Plus members will get priority access to inventory while we’re running low.

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Right now, there is a global shortage on silicon. We will be disportionately affected by this because we are a low margin, high volume business. When materials are scarce, not only do manufacturing costs go up, but our sales volume is restricted so that we can’t cover our fixed costs.

We will get through this, just like we got through the worst of the coronavirus in 2020. But we will need your patience while we get creative over the next few months.

Here are some things that you can expect from us:

Services like Cam Plus will be getting a bigger emphasis.

Cam Plus subscriptions are more crucial than ever for us. They increase the value of each camera sale with recurring revenue and higher margins. When hardware sales are down, Cam Plus and other subscriptions can help make up the difference.

Earlier this week, we rolled out three new features for Cam Plus. These were Package Detection, Vehicle Detection, and exclusive pricing for Wyze products on Today, we are also adding inventory priority as a benefit when inventory is constrained.

With this new benefit, limited quantities of Wyze Cam v3 are now available to Cam Plus subscribers. We’ll open up orders to everyone as soon as we can build up enough inventory.

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We’ll be launching more non-IoT products.

Our data and user research shows that high-quality tech products with Wyze pricing are still sought after by our users even when they aren’t WiFi-based. Our new handheld vacuum, for example, sold out of its initial shipment in just a few hours last Tuesday. We’re planning to introduce more products like this throughout the year.

We’ll stay true to our DNA.

Here’s what won’t change: Our commitment to offer our users high-quality products at the most affordable price possible.

We’re so grateful for a dedicated user base who has supported us through the ups and the downs of startup life. Entrepreneurship is hard. It comes with so many unexpected challenges. We will weather this storm like we have all the others for over 3 years now - together.

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Edit to add: Wyze Cam v3 can only be purchased through and not the Wyze app for now.


Just ordered <3. I hope there wont be any delays to the shipping!

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We’d protest but know we don’t have a leg to stand on. :sweat_smile:


dont worry, your support is top-notch on handling potential order/shipping problems :slight_smile:


Hey, thanks! I’ll share this with the team and brighten their days! :smiley:


I just tested the checkout page and it feels a little spammy. First of all, it’s confusing. Second of all, it asks you if you want a MicroSD card, which feels like one of those scam products that keep asking you to add some add-ons.

If I order a wyze cam v3 as Cam Plus subscriber, what would be the ETA?

Unfortunate news but what can ya do…just roll with it :slight_smile:

I’ll have to bookmark this thread when the complaining starts about the lack of inventory or new products.

Support Wyze, buy Cam+! It really is a great service, well worth the little that it costs.


Can you please give us any timeline for RTSP on v3? I have 5 of them sitting unused because I can’t add them to BlueIris, causing me to go to Reolink Lumus, even with 20+ wyze cams.

Please think of an additional tier instead of Cam Plus, perhaps ‘Advanced User’ tier - where we pay maybe $1.00-1.99/month, specifically to have an RTSP alternate firmware added ASAP for v3.

Just very worried with all the additional products Wyze is near jumping the shark, and the core of your business - cams are going to be less important.

The RTSP tier for v2 was brilliant, if Wyze needs $$$, I would support a tier that funded a v3 RTSP tier, or software like Reolink has that allows desktop viewing - It’s possible with P2P cameras, I’d just be happy for RTSP in the meantime for BlueIris integration.

Thanks for the update, purchased 3 more in the hopes I will get to use them soon!


I’ll share your feedback with the team!

Wyze Cam v3 orders will ship within the next week. :slight_smile:

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I’m sorry, I don’t have a timeline for this yet. We’ll need to do the dev work but we want to make sure we stabilize the firmware first before we add onto it. But I’ll share your suggestion with the team! Thanks! :slight_smile:


Thanks! I feel like the guy in Twilight Zone left with a ton of books and broken glasses until v3 has RTSP… I thought i had time!

Was the same person who sent beer and pizza to HQ when v2 got RTSP I was so happy.

Thanks for the transparent updates, you guys rock!


Thanks for the update! I just ordered Wyze cam v3 with the Cam Plus bundle. Hope I get it soon! Also, I pre-ordered the doorbell when it was released and it shows on the android app but not on

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OH MAN. You even sent GOOD pizza! That was a great day! Thank you again! :grin:


Hi, Do you mind if I buy just one of those lying used off from you? :slight_smile:

I’m trying to use my Black Friday discount code for a free V3, for cam plus subscription, it just keeps telling me to log in, even though I already am. Any ideas ?

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Won’t let me enter a Credit Card on the order page… hmm

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I am a cam plus subscriber, but when I try to buy a v3, it tells me I am not a subscriber and I need to buy a bundle