Business updates from Wyze's cofounders: Wyze Cam v3 is available again for Cam Plus subscribers. 1/28/21

I get that, but the way it was done leaves a bad taste.

They could have sent the Cam Plus subscribers a message that they have the option to purchase the next batch of V3s. It accomplishes the same thing; reward their best clients.

But to announce to the rest that they are less preferred, that’s very tacky. They better hope that not another low-cost IoT company appears on the market.


It’s going to be a while…

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So where is this " exclusive pricing for Wyze products" to be found? All of the prices appear to be the same. I see no special pricing at this time.

It means you’re can’t purchase V3s unless you subscribe to Cam Plus.

I am on multiple cams

Hi there, anytime I sign in to the website to order a V3 I get this error message. AN UNSPECIFIED ERROR OCCURRED. PLEASE CONTACT US FOR ASSISTANCE. Can you help?

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@dra444 Welcome to the forums!

Have you tried using a different browser or device? Are you trying to make a purchase through the Wyze app shop or

If you need further assistance, contact Wyze customer service.

Wyze Support (206) 339-9646

Available Monday - Friday 5 am - 6 pm PT and Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT

Thank you, i signed in through the website at and same problem on my computer and phone.


Tells me Im not a Cam Plus member. I am a member. Cant place order.

Also not able to order v3 with special pricing even though i’m a CamPlus subscriber. Currently on hold with support.

Update: Its fixed now and I was able to order for the 19.98 per cam pricing.

I already have 5 yearly Cam Plus Licenses (6 if you count the HMS), so what I’m about to question doesn’t apply to me, but…

I wonder how many people will exploit the loophole Wyze left them to go sign up for the monthly Cam Plus, then go place their V3 orders. Then once it ships, go cancel Cam Plus and get a pro-rated refund (only cost them like $0.07/day to have cam plus monthly for those few days, in order to be able to order at all…let alone for the big discounted rate…pay like $0.14 total after the prorated credit back to get a $4 discount? Who wouldn’t do that?)

I actually understand being anti-subscription on principle…look at enough of my old posts, especially in the announcement about legacy PD and you’ll see me really upset about about subscriptions in general too (Wyze just slowly changed my mind in this case where I found some great use and benefit).

This policy move makes me wonder whether Wyze will do anything about that loophole though. Will they just allow people to do that, or will they stop allowing prorated cancelations for refunds within the first 30 days? What if someone doesn’t have any Cams yet and they buy Cam Plus with the V3 bundle, does their cam plus license start before they even have a cam to put it on? What if they decide they don’t like cam plus and cancel it within the 30 day refund time? Is this bundle not refundable? Do they have to return their cam too?

I’m just curious if they’ve thought it all through already, because I guarantee every single one of those scenarios will occur.

Are you shipping to France. I tried to order camera V3 but it’s seem not possible to ship to France.
Why ? Could you confirm ?
I really want to have and test your camera

I don’t work for Wyze, but it is my understanding that Wyze does not ship outside of the United States directly yet, though they are working on expanding to other countries (they recently announced a partnership to allow shipping to Canada soon).

Most people outside of the United States have mentioned on here that they order Wyze products using a reshipping service (you have your order shipped to a reshipper company, and they then forward that order onto you internationally). That’s what most people do.

Thanks always for the updates - and for the transparency on the business side.

We have been really happy with our Wyze products and recommended them to many others. We’ve been thrilled also with our thermostat and looking forward to a few pre-orders when they ship.

We hadn’t been sure if we had a specific use case for CamPlus but we’ve gone ahead and signed up to try it out and support a great device team through this time. Thanks always for the great communication!

This is very misleading. I received an email stating I could buy a V3 as I am a cam plus member. I went to buy one and it won’t allow me to buy it unless I buy one with cam plus. This should be made very clear. I paid upfront for home monitoring which comes with one cam plus membership. Had this since early Dec. not being shown any longer as a cam plus member .

While on the subject of misleading and changing business practices, I was also offered a discount for that said annual home monitoring membership as a I am a loyal pre order subscriber and backer. I was not able to apply the discount and did not receive the discount either. I did however receive an email stating I hadn’t taken advantage of that and I should buy the home monitoring.

I have (as I’m sure many other members have) sent emails asking about group rate for the camp plus feature as I have 14 or 15 cams and would like to have this feature on all of them without having to pay the same fee on each one as someone who only has one does. Never have had a single reply to this or forum entries.

I really feel that though you tout loyalty to your customers, your actions and business practices really don’t reflect that.

Sincerely a growing more and more discouraged and neglected customer

Thanks for the offer. Went to purchase a few units and found out that purchasing from your site is for U.S. only. I am a Canadian resident. Is the same offer available to Canadians ?

I just really want my two cameras that I ordered on Black Friday. The coupon code is working properly but the cart is forcing me to buy another camera bundle. Making the coupon code not valid for it, but it’ll work for the standalones it’ll let me add IF I get another bundle. It won’t let me just get the stand alone cameras that I already ordered for black friday. I’ve already paid for the cam plus and I still don’t have any V3 cameras. :frowning:

What about those of us that got the Black Friday deal where we paid for a year of cam+ and get V3 cameras? How come these aren’t automatically sending out to us? I have to do this weird work around and attempt to use a code that I can’t use because it’s forcing me to buy a whole other camera and cam plus for $40. I just want my two cameras that I ordered back in November.

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Not going to accept your word. Rather have an email stating such, in my inbox.

I get an email with my coupon code on Jan 8th, which says expires 03/01/21, and the damn cameras are only available to those who purchase the additional CAM+ services. WTH Wyze? How about supporting the peeps who bought this crappy vacuum that doesn’t work consistently in any shape or form, except to get low on battery, after 5-8 minutes of use? Who owns Wyze? CCP? Frustrating to say the least. I shouldn’t really give damn about $20 coupon, but the principle behind this game is not acknowledged.

Like others, I am an active cam plus subscriber and unable to purchase the standalone v3. Quite disappointing, guess I’ll try again tomorrow.