Business updates from Wyze's cofounders: Wyze Cam v3 is available again for Cam Plus subscribers. 1/28/21

Before you sell more V3 cameras how about you get the ones you already sold to customers to work reliably? I purchased 3 V3 cameras and all of them intermittently lose wifi connection. I submitted trouble ticket 997955 more than two weeks ago and have heard nothing from Wyze. It started with one having trouble, now all three have trouble staying connected. How do you expect to be in the security business when it takes you weeks to respond to a customer issue?

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When will a black version of v3 come out? I just got my 2 preorders and love them but need 2 black ones now.

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Well we still have a service request still open from last week thanks Julie service manager.

This is bad news, indeed. Consider shipping to Europe so you can move your limited stock even faster and increase the number of Cam+ subscribers.

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New to the Wyze products. Bought the outstanding Outdoor Cam before New Year and was going to order 3 more only to find out the V3 was coming out. Ordered the 3 on Friday 1/29/21.

How long do the batteries last on the V3? I don’t see anything about that. Don’t tell me it requires a wire.

What about the Flood Light? Does it work off the camera battery or is it separate?


The v3 is USB-powered. The Spotlight Kit piggybacks its power off the v3 power source.

Any update on when the cam 3 rewards for vacuum are going to ship

I just bought four v3’s with your Plus support but… I have an application where i don’t have access to the internet and REALLY need the V3 to have RTSP capability. When might that happen? Will begging make it happen sooner?

How about RTSP capability that we pay for - same price as the cam Plus fee? You could enable it to work only on phones that buy that service. just a thought.

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they did send email to existing cam plus subscribers about option to buy v3 cams. that’s what prompted me to immediately order three more v3 cams. already had cam plus on a v2 cam and on a v3 cam previously bought during the preorder stage. and patiently waited for more v3 cams to become available. then get the email before seeing this discussion and pulled the trigger to order my new batch of wyze cams. just be watchful and alert as to the opportunity to buy.

bah! wyze works great with alexa and google assistant for me and can get my wyze cams on firetv. and i’m an iphone user (and other devices). what makes me scared is wyze tiptoes into apple world and then starts working closely with apple to work better with siri etc and then wyze gets shallowed whole down into the apple matrix where apple buys out wyze and shuts down our wyze cams and expects us to buy an apple overpriced reincarnation of wyze cams.


Naw, Apple will never take over Wyze, Wyze is not their style, and it’s unnecessary when they can just get the same stuff from the same supplier anyway and make their own better modifications.

While there is some overlap, in general, Apple and Wyze cater to totally different sides of the market.

Apple: Upper high priced cutting edge innovation, easily understood and easily used, high reliability, with easy interoperability. Back in the day everyone used to actually mock Apple for all of these things, saying they were the type of computer you gave to your 100 year old grandma who doesn’t understand technology at all…and you get yourself a REAL computer instead…Apple capitalized on all this to make a dominating empire becoming one of the richest companies in the world. Who’s laughing at them now?

Wyze: generally inexpensive, lower to mid-range parts, not always super reliable, but affordable for anyone, design is not usually the sleekest on the market (because that would increase costs unnecessarily, though their designs are getting better). Firmware, ease of use, interconnectivity, etc are all toward the lower end of the market, but they reach a nearly untouched market that would otherwise not be able to afford [many] smart devices.

Don’t get me wrong, contrary to what the above seem to indicate, I love Wyze and I hate Apple, for many other reasons that are not listed here and not relevant to the discussion, but the fact remains that the two companies are nearly incompatible in their target markets. I’m not surprised Apple bought out, but I would be absolutely shocked if Apple bought out Wyze…it’s just not their style. It would also be completely unnecessary for Apple to buy out Wyze. All they’d have to do is go talk to the same Supplier Wyze and Xiaomi talk to, and get their own versions of anything they want, and then just add their own proprietary connections to it and have their own programmers make the firmware their own, maybe make some design tweaks. Buying Wyze would cost them more than is necessary, going direct to the source (Wyze is mostly just a reseller after a few minor tweaks) and leveraging their own brand is more than good enough.

Plus, from a personal standpoint, if Apple did buyout Wyze, I would immediately sell off all my Wyze products and never touch the company again. I’d keep the touchless thermometer, handheld vacuum, and sell off anything that uses the network. I have no problem with others liking Apple, and in fact I want Apple to keep succeeding and driving innovation and competition and for others to like and use them, honestly, I am very supportive of such competition and their existence and the way they’ve improved technological progression. I love Apple for all those things…but for many reasons, I won’t personally use them myself.


If a customer like myself were ordering a camera for the first time or after a lapse of time since last purchase, it is very helpful to be reminded that the camera does not come with a MicroSD but one can be purchased with the camera for $xprice (or elsewhere perhaps at a lesser price).
Wyze is in the BUSINESS of SELLING products for goodness sakes! Nothing “spammy” or “scammy” about reminding a purchaser of a camera that an accessory is available for purchase.

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I’ve been paying for person detection for a few months now, but since Jan 28 it hasn’t been working on any of my cameras. One camera in my garage hasn’t detected a person for a month?! I’m in there every day.
Not sure why I’m paying for something that only works sometimes. . . . Half the time it is false positives anyway.


We ordered 1.29.21 6 V3,6 V3 spotlight,and 6 outdoor plug and it worked just fine,today we ordered 4V3,4V3 spotlight and it worked just fine both times used PayPal thanks Julie service manager.


Thanks for the update! Being transparent is appreciated, as I know you guys will pull through this! Thanks for being such a great company!

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so does this shortage affect ALL your product line deliveries?

I ordered a camPlus package and 1 Wyze Cam 3 by itself . When I look at things on the web page it says"not a cam plus member. How do I become a member?

My cousin who is a subscriber to Cam Plus ordered minutes after this announcement. As of now her order is still not even processed. I learned my lesson with the pre order of the V3. Is she going to have the same issue getting this order like I did with the preorder? Come on now. Time and again this gets ridiculous. Don’t keep selling products when you’re out of stock. I could understand if this was a one time situation but this happens time and again. When you sell out of stock, mark out of stock on the webpage please. It’s like this company never learns from past mistakes. I personally will wait til it hits Home Depot. Even if it doesn’t get there to 2025 be faster than what it ships from the company.

I signed up and paid for the Cam Plus subscription, but it still would not recognize me as a plus member and would not let me order any V3. Well that was a way to get me to pay and not deliver. Okay still love the product and company just surprised it says I am not a member when I am, and therefore would not make available a V3 Outdoor cam for me.

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