Bulbs turn on by themselves

I have a bunch. Im at work now but I will upload an album to imgur and share it.

thank you for the consideration franko. no worries.
If it is a burden or any trouble please do not be concerned.

I bid you calm and rest and free time to just do nothing but enjoy what we ovelook.

Thank you again and in advance for your upload.


It is no problem at all. Interestingly I saw there was a firmware update today. I will be curious to see what it looks like.

https://imgur.com/a/LzrP5Ij Here is the teardown. I did a video as well https://youtu.be/QCmEEHxC0Sg

It is posted in another thread in the forum here but this way both posts are together.

Has there been any update to this? Like many of you, I have 3 bulbs in a ceiling fan and my wife just text me, as well as our son and daughter about ready to tear our throats out. Evidently, the 3 fan lights turned on randomly while she was sleeping…although, neither of us were making any changes. So, I’m very interested to see where this goes…


I thought the exorcism was successful :man_shrugging:

Hi All,

There was a firmware update from Wyze a few days ago. Since then, the 2 remaining bulbs I have are now working properly. I bricked one when experimenting and tore down the other and have yet to rebuild it.

Make sure you are running the newest firmware.

Looks like I’m running on all of my bulbs… Does that coincide with what you are seeing?

I have, but I’m in the beta. I still have the issue with the beta firmware.

I am running

That seems to be stable. I have not disassembled it yet. 1.2.106 was the version I had the most issue with.

If you update to you may stop having random on issues.

@fam What issues are you having with

@franko I have three bulbs. They randomly turn on during the day. I just got them and immediately updated to the beta firmware, so I don’t know if older firmwares work better or not.

So frustrating. My Wyze bulb continues to turn itself on randomly. Especially annoying while sleeping. Zero power issues. Any solutions, Wyze?

Ok… Dumb question. How do I upgrade to the version? I’m running .106 and it says I’m running the most current firmware! Sorry, I haven’t checked. Is this a beta or unreleased version?

I’m on .106 and says it’s the latest. No sure how upgrade to .119 without the app recognizing that it’s available.

Got it…

Need to become part of beta program. Hot up the community button above and go to the How To Become A Beta Tester link.

Install a Wyze app upgrade, then it will see an upgrade to the firmware, one bulb at a time.

I’m on the BetaApp and I do not see anything over

You can force the ap to check:

  1. Click the item(bulb).

  2. Click the setting Gear icon(upper right corner)

  3. Check for firmware update

I can’t speak for iOS but you may need to clear cache by signing out and back into the Wyze ap. I suspect it’s on both platforms.

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I’ve decided to discontinue using the bulbs. I went with another brand that was honeslty a little cheaper(not much) but they have not had a single issue in the 2 weeks they have been installed.

I will keep looking at the Wyze bulbs I have but I suspect there was/is hardware and software issues with some of the first batch.

Yes I’ve seen it.

I just installed firmware yesterday, and my bulbs still keep randomly turning on …

Hi Edgar,
Thanks for letting us know. I will try my problem bulb and see if the firmware is the same results.

Mine says I’m current with .106 but from what I see her there have been at least two since than. How do I get the new one and is there a change log available?