Bulbs Off for Night Hours

Is there a way to keep the bulbs off during a set period of hours? My three-year-old and five-year-olds share a room and when the three-year-old wakes up she turns on the light in the room with the switch, waking up the five-year-old. I was hoping the Wyze bulbs could be off so even if she flips the switch the bulbs will stay off

I think there’s a setting that when power is restored that it goes back to the previous state. If it was off before it lost power (aka light switch off) it will be off when it’s flipped back on.

I don’t know if that setting will keep sticking over multiple flicks, but it’s worth a shot.

I think another workaround would be maybe to add a wyze sense motion detector and use the “If” option when setting up a schedule to only run the rule between certain times. This way you can have it on autopilot, and not have the light come on during the rule times, but yet knowing that you can still control the Wyze bulb via the app on your phone if you “need” to turn that light on.

(And the final piece of puzzle would be to place one of those inexpensive plastic covers onto the wall switch which will prevents the switch being flipped on/off… and on/off…and yet on/off again…LOL)


Is it a lamp or a light fixture? If a lamp you might consider using a Wyze (or other smart) plug instead of a Wyze bulb.

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