Bulbs in groups lose individual adjustment capabilities

Bulbs in groups lose individual adjustment capabilities.

This happened today, randomly. And I cannot figure out why. I even un-grouped & regrouped bulbs, with no success. Single bulbs control as usual but all granular control in groups is gone. Any ideas?


I opened a ticket on this issue this morning. It happened after wyze pushed out an update. They know about it. There is nothing you can do right now to correct it. All of my bulbs are doing it and the plugs aren’t working right either.

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Thanks for letting me know, I thought I was losing my mind lol

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Same issue - started happening today after my bulbs updated to most recent firmware. Any ETA for resolution?

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Not yet, will give them some time. I’m sure they’ll be getting a lot of calls on this as they did from me. The person I talked to realized his bulbs were not working. Raised eyebrow there. Fell free to call em.

Looking at the update release notes, it appears there was a “fix” for bulb & outlet groups for iOS 14 on 10/13/20. I didn’t notice an issue until I updated to iOS 14.1 yesterday (10/23). I don’t know if the issue existed prior because once setup my bulbs are on shortcuts and I rarely use the app to directly control the lights. Deleting the group allowed individual control so that’s how I left it for now.

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Just adding my own experience here–same issue…quite frustrating.

Having the same issue with individual bulb control in a group iOS 14.0.1. It’s pretty annoying

It’s still borked on iOS 14.1 as well. You’d think a patch would have been floated in a day?

Fixed in the latest Beta (2.15.11)…

Still no individual bulb control in group.
Lost that a few days ago.
Bulb update is current.
Reconnected all bulbs to WiFi.
Deleted group.
Grouped bulbs together again.
Bulbs show being on individually but the on-off or slider does not work.
So maybe not fixed in current beta or is there a fix?

Who put the “fixed in beta”? …it isn’t fixed, I submitted a log a week ago. The problem remains.

Having the same issue. Instead of controlling thru Wyze app I go into Alexa devices and control my lights that way. I have mirror bulb groups set up in Alexa and can control the lights there

adding my me too. i use it daily

Adding to this same issue, hoping its fixed soon. Have really enjoyed all the products so far.

Now I can’t add a bulb. It stopped responding. I deleted it and now when I try to add it back in nothing happens. Get stuck on the screen where it’s pulsing and the next button doesn’t work

This ridiculous

Please be patient, Wyze is busy releasing thirty new products that only half work.

You can still control individual bulbs with Alexa. This may help some users until the fix gets pushed.

Yep, that does work.
Alexa is on the ball.