Bulb user-controlled dimming and color shift timing (sleep routine)

You can do it in a manual way with Alexa. Spacing out brightness percentages with 5 seconds between each one. When I saw Alexa implemented something, I was hoping it was doing something at least as good as this, but it’s not. I haven’t totally figured out what the new built-in Alexa feature is supposed to do. It seems like maybe it will only change it incrementally every 30 seconds or so. I agree it would be nice to see something smoother built into Wyze directly.

Philips Hue has one essential feature lacking with Wyze bulbs: it has a “wake-up” mode that gradually brightens bulbs in a particular group over some period of time. This makes it easier for the user to wake up and expands Wyze bulbs’ utility throughout the house.

I recognize that this can be automated through dozens of scheduled brightness changes at different times, but it’s difficult to change the wake-up time without readjusting each scheduled brightness change.


I have the LED strip lights under our bed, and the wyze bulbs in the nightstands set to ramp down from 50% to 1% over a 10 min span after we tell Alexa goodnight. Been working very well.

I have been using my wyzebulb to wakeup by increasing the brightness, and changing the warmth every 1-2 minutes. This mimics a natural sunrise. But this is a very tedious task, having to make 20+ schedules for my bulbs. Does anyone have ideas on how to achieve this by alexa/ifttt?

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Just have it full bright and just jolt yourself out of bed man. Lol

I’ve been messing with Alexa schedules so I’ll look into it and see if I can come up with anything. Like right now I have a sensor on my front porch that from 5:30 PM until 6:30 AM activates the two wise bulbs on my front porch so I know when my dog has come back from doing her nightly business. Or use the same sensor from 6:31 AM Two 5:29 PM and Alexis says Maizy wants in which means my dog is back from doing her daily business and wants to come in the house and if I’m in the other room I can Catch her before she jumps and scratches the door.

I also have an Alexa routine where I say going to Theater and it turns on my stair lights and my basement lights.And then I say when I’m done and I’m back upstairs leaving Theater and Alexa shut off the basement lights and the stairs. So there’s a lot you can do you just have to do a lot of playing around and there’s a lot of failure and retrying but I’ll look into it

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Hi there! We totally heard you and this feature is in development! Thank you for helping us make a great product! Stay tuned!


I really like the idea of this feature. To build on the general idea of this would be to have the lights come on with certain earth and brightness as the day progresses based on sunrise and sunset times.

For example if you where to ask Google or Alexa to turn on the lights in the morning just after sunrise. The settings could be 25% with a warm color slowly increases to the desired brightness over time.

The next use case would be that the light starts with a warm color in just before or just after sunrise. Then if the lights remain on have them slowly change in color to day light as the morning/mid morning approaches with the light being the full day light setting around mid morning. This could then run the opposite direction in the evening.

The next build on for this would take into account the same time of day as the previous setting but apply it adhoc depending on when you turn the lights on. For example I turn the lights on mid morning they should come up 100% with full Day Light Color. The same would happen in the evening or morning depending on the user settings. Of course if the lights were to be left on they would follow the rules set above.


@BlackSheepTxRx These are great ideas!!


Update: We have moved this feature in Beta testing! If you have the Wyze Beta app, you can find the feature in Bulb settings (and upgrade the firmware as well). We’ll launch the feature in the official app soon!


Thank you for the update! Can you post some screenshots of the functionality here? I haven’t bought the bulbs yet as I was waiting on this feature :slight_smile:

It appeared in the 3 June Beta update, but seems to have disappeared since yesterday. So now my lights turn on, but I can’t edit when.

@dchauge During Beta testing we found a bug so we took the feature off while we are fixing it. We’ll put it back on in our next Beta release. Thank you for understanding! Please let me know how you like the feature as well!

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2.12.3 still missing sleep/wake control. Short of resetting the lights, I can’t edit them coming on when they did.

Thank you @dchauge! Let me get that fixed for you!

@dchauge We’ll have Sleep Routines up in the Beta App around Jun 29!


Will it be back where is was, or added as a schedule/routine?

It’ll be back to where it was, Sleep Routines. We had a delay of a few days. If things go well, it’ll back next week.

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@dchauge Just let you know, it is back with .273 firmware :slight_smile:

Hi friends! This feature, aka Sleep Routines, has launched! You can find it by updating your Wyze app and Bulb firmwares! It’s in the settings :slight_smile: Hit me up if you have any issue/suggestion with it! Thank you for your patience and your support!