Bulb - Unable to change brightness with alexa

I am able to turn bulbs off and on with my echo, but I am unable to set a brightness level. If I try to change the brightness with my voice it says it cannot find the device. I see the devices in my alexa list and they have the correct names.

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I was able to use the voice command “Alexa, Raise brightness on kitchen bulb to 75 per cent” successfully even when the bulb was off. it would turn the bulb on and raise it. If the bulb was already on, I could tell Alexa to change to a specified percentage also.

Are you on the current bulb Firmware,
I might also suggest unlinking the Wyze skill and relinking it with Alexa. That often solves issues.

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I am on the most recent firmware, I unlinked and relinked wyze with alexa and still have the same problem. Alexa says it couldn’t find a device named (bulb name). I see the bulbs in the device list though.