Bulb Question using different triggers

I have two bulbs in a group outside an entrance. They come on with the motion sensor, off with motion clear. Works great. I am trying to add a door sensor so when you are going out the door the lights will come on, which works, but they come on at about half the brightness. Like I said, they are in a group and set to the same brightness and color settings with no scenes set. So if you are coming from outside the lights come on normal, but when you open the door they dim. Whats up with that ?

I would delete the rule for the door sensor and remake it. when you make the rules you have the option to set brightness and all that good stuff for the bulb. Just re make the rule for the sensor only.

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The motion sensor alone can’t tell whether you’re coming or going. You could add a contact sensor to the door and make a rule that turns the bulb on at 50% brightness when the door opens, but you’d probably end up tripping the motion sensor a second or so later, which would then turn it to 100% brightness. Unfortuntely, at this point, it’s not possible to get super granular with stuff like that. (i.e. IF contact sensor opens, turn bulb to 50% AND ignore motion sensor for X time)

Unfortunately, I can’t think of a way to do what you’re asking for at this point.

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