Bulb control after powered off for long time; at power on will it connect to wi-fi and be controllable?

Can the power to it be turned off for a long time and then turned back on? And will the bulb still connect to the Internet and function via the App. I installed 7 bulbs 20 days ago, turned power off and the next day turned power back on and used the bulbs that night. Then turned the power off until today (19 days later). Now the bulbs are remaining offline. Do I need to keep the bulbs powered ON?

There is an added potential issue. Today I installed 19 more bulbs. The bulbs are connected to a wi-fi extender and I am only able to connect to 13 of the 26 bulbs at a time. The device limit may be the extender, but also may be the network router itself. I have to find out what the device limit is for the network. Appears that extenders do have device limits also.

In practice, they’ll probably work better with constant power. They should reconnect a few minutes after power is restored, but I’ve had occasional problems if power has been cut or if the router has been restarted.