Bugs in latest app release

I’ve seen some fairly bad bugs in the latest release of the Beta app. They are related to the events tab.

  1. After clicking on an event to view it, when I click on the NEXT event, it shows me the video of the event I watched previously

  2. once the above happens, all events disappear except the 1st event I just watched. The only way to fix the broken event screen is to exit the app and “kill” it

  3. clicking on an event in the phone’s notification area, takes me to a blank white screen in the app.

All of these issues have happened repeatedly, though not e every time

Hello, thank you for much for reporting the bugs for us.

Could you record a video clip and submit a log for the issues above? Those information will help our developers to locate the bugs in their code.

I will PM you my email to send the video clips. Thank you!


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