BUG: the events do not populate automatically

BUG: the events do not populate automatically. I’ve discovered you HAVE to hit the date to trigger the list of events. Many events were missed and lost because I used to click on the EVENTS page, confirmed visually today’s date and saw NO events. Only did I discover that you have to click on the date see events. THAT is a huge issue.

iOS or Android. I’m not seeing this behavior in Android.

You can also do a pull-down gesture on the events list to force a refresh. However, the events list should be populating with new events. Please submit a Support Request and be sure to include the following information:

  • Phone/tablet type and OS version on phone/tablet
  • Wyze app version (instructions here)
  • Firmware version installed on Wyze device ( Device settings (gear icon top-right) → Device Info → Installed firmware version)
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iOS …

I don’t see that behavior on iOS either.

You have to click on today’s date to see today’s videos also?

What app and firmware versions are you using? This is the first time I’m hearing about this

I’m one of the beta testers, so I’ve already sent a report.

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