Bug report: Scheduling shortcuts, turning off Sat and Sun

@WyzeGwendolyn @Loki
iOS 12.1.4, App v 2.0.21, iPhone SE

I have a shortcut to turn on all notifications (The Bell) at 6:30 AM, except I don’t want it to do so on Sat or Sun when I sometimes sleep later. This may be related to the phone I have which is the smallest Apple offers, iirc. iPhone SE. What happens is I have to scroll up or down to see all seven days of the week in order to turn off Sat and/or Sun. When I do this in edit mode, the app selects (checks) whichever scrolls off the screen. IOW, if Sun is unchecked and I scroll down and uncheck Sat, when I scroll back up, Sun is checked. If I try to uncheck all but one, it still adds the check when I scroll up or down. I’ve tried deleting the shortcut and creating a new one, but it still saves it with either Sat or Sun checked.

Does anyone have an iPhone SE to confirm? No, I haven’t opened a ticket with the front line yet. I don’t think deleting the app will fix this. :slight_smile:

Golly, that sounds SUPER frustrating. I’ll send in a bug report now! Thank you for the details. I don’t know if we have an iPhone SE on hand but I’ll make sure the devs know. :slight_smile:

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