BUG: new 12s red area on timeline appears on Events WITH CamPlus from Notifications

Upgraded to the latest iOS app. If I tap on a push notification from a camera with CamPlus it shows the event with the 12s red area at the end. If I tap on the SAME event in the events tab the 12s is correctly not shown. Seems to be a bug in the iOS app when it launches the event from a notification and incorrectly identifies the video as not having CamPlus.

Are you talking about the Product Placement “Highlighter” that states you could have more than a 12 second recording if you had CAM Plus?

It’s on my Android and iPhone.


Yes. That appears on CamPlus events if viewed directly from the push notification. The same event viewed from the events page in the app does not.

Is there any update on this bug. I paid for Cam Plus to be able to record more than 12 seconds to see my mom with dementia and it is no longer working

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You should have put this in ask the community. Are you sure you have Cam Plus Activated? From the app bottom right tap account>services> Cam Plus and see if your camera is listed.

This appears to be a bug because I’m getting the same thing and I’ve had Cam+ practically from day one and haven’t changed anything.

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