Bug in base station setup step 7 no check box displayed in button

Step 7 in base station says to check box next to message " light is solid blue" but there is no box displayed. I found it by trying to press all around on the next button and then it appeared as a white check mark. Fix the Iphone app to show the check box . it was showing the next button as all aqua color until I happened to click in the left side of button and then the check mark appeared. Until this is selected you are stuck trying to get this base station setup. Hope this helps someone.

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Can you post a screen shot of this please? Did you alter or change any of your display settings on the iphone? Zoom screen or font size perhaps? IF you did, that may be altering the look and locations of the check box on that screen. What version of the app are you using and what IOS version are you using? Thanks in advance!


Thank you for this! I have been going around and around with support for the last 2 weeks and they couldn’t figure this out!

Welcome to the forums! What was your issue and it sounds like you fixed it? How did you fix it? Just asking for any future readers of this thread can see your resolution and it can help them too. Thanks in advance for the follow up!