Buffering CMC Events to Show Entire Trigger (V1, V2 and Pan)

So I notice yesterday when someone came into the garage, the event video started after the person was well within the room. I am paying for the service for the camera, and while it seems there is a buffer for after the event. It seems like there isn’t one towards the start.

So for those of us that is paying for the service, I would like to see a buffer of 5 to 10 seconds before the event starts. This hopefully being enough time to see what the camera didn’t see as event worthy for a few seconds, and it gives some context towards prior to the event.
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Which camera? I thought the V1s and V2s more or less work that way already. The WCOs do not, since they do not even turn on their camera sensor until after the PIR motion detector gets triggered…

I was talking about the V1 and V2