Buds Pro Caller ID read-out


I think it would be a great idea to add to Wyze Buds [at least to the Pro’s] an option for Caller ID readout

For example: 1). Call from 855-655-6666 and if its in the contacts of your phone, Call from Daddy
or 2). You have a call from 855-655-6666 if in contacts you have a call from Daddy
or 3). 855-655-6666 is calling you and if in contacts Daddy is calling you.

Would be very excited to have this feature added to my Wyze buds pro soon

Thank you!

I like this request. Got my vote.

Make sure to vote for your request as well. It does not automatically count yours as the OP.

And sorry, loling @ Daddy… My grown kids have told me that that word is no longer a word that get’s used outside of talking to babies today. “It’s cringe”. So hard to keep up.

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