Brother in law has access to my Wyze videos

Hello. So my brother in law showed me on his phone that he’s getting my Wyze footage and he has a lot of them. He said he thought he let me know because he has no idea how there appearing on his phone. I have two- factor on so I’m just as confused how that is possible. He does have an android phone. I honestly don’t like that he has the ability to even see the clips and how is that possible? He’s not signed in to my knowledge and the clips are saved in his photo library.

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Hello @Saigon916 and welcome to the community

If you have shared the camera with him at some time he would have that ability


An Android phone can be logged in to multiple accounts. Perhaps your / his sister’s Google account is registered on his phone and Google Photos is synching videos.

Is he seeing the videos in a photo gallery, in the Wyze app, or somewhere else? If the Wyze app, then see @WyzeJasonJ’s reply above.


Does he have the Wyze app in his phone at all? I think @Customer is on the right track, I bet some google photos sync is going on here between folks. Who else has the same directory in their phone and the Wyze app?


You’ll need to log into your Google account.
Then go to and see if/what you’re sharing.
Change your password and permissions.


From what I understand he does not have the app on his phone. My fiancé did mention that she has him or he added her as a recovery email for his Gmail. I’m gonna check her Gmail account

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It would be more than that. I don’t think recovery e-mail = account sharing.

You should also ask that he check Accounts in his Android settings.


I checked and see nothing on her account. I don’t understand. I’m just gonna change all of the passwords to be safe but on google side, there are no other devices and nothing being shared.

You wouldn’t be able to tell if his phone has logged in under her account. Check his phone.

I will ask him. Thank you.

If you go to you can see who/what (device make/model/OS)
when/where (location city) and how (browser or app) the account was accessed. Who has “Linked Accounts” Any of these can be deleted. Here is an exerpt:

The locations are estimated from the device’s IP address. This address is assigned to the device by the Internet service provider. Since Google uses IP address and not the device’s location, there may be inaccuracies. Saving the IP address helps Google identify unusual sign-ins and protect your account. Learn more

The times listed represent the most recent Google Account activity on the device at these locations. This includes both user activity and background activity like automatic syncing.


Random thoughts and questions just to think about…

The videos that he’s getting, would they be ones that you saved to the camera roll on your phone?

Which may then be iCloud synced to every device that you own?

Devices which may then have local or cloud folders shared with your sister, who may have folders shared with him?

And he just happens to have his phone set to download local copies of everything?

Or she has logged into her Gmail on his phone and you have some folders shared with her?

Sounds less like a password issue and more like a folder sharing issue.

Maybe double check Google Photos, Google Drive sharing, Android Partner Sharing, iCloud sharing, any other cloud or computer file sharing, etc.

So he’s seeing the Wyze videos, but she is not?

What specific folder are they appearing in on his device? That may provide a clue to the app that brought them there.


Long time, @sodcam, good to see you back. :slight_smile:


I like that @sodcam thinking process. :thinking:

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Good to have time to be back with you guys! :grinning: The universe can be annoyingly demanding at times…


Me and my fiancé have iPhones and the Wyze is under my email. I shared Wyze access to her. She said she never signed her account on his phone. I checked her google photos sharing and nothing. I’ll check drive. My fiancé doesn’t even have Wyze video’s saved on her phone but he does? It’s frustrating because how the hell is this happening. I don’t trust him as it is because he has tape and even disconnected my Wyze camera in the past.

I guess I would have to ask him if I can see his phone. If he doesn’t let me then I know he’s hiding something. I just changed my password for the wyze even though there shouldn’t be no way of him getting those video’s because of two factor.

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[quote=“sodcam, post:12, topic:136418”]
The videos that he’s getting, would they be ones that you saved to the camera roll on your phone?
[/quote] Yes and I’m starting to thing his Samsung phone has some local something going on. I have no Idea.

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How current or recent were the videos? Were they event clips? Or was it stuff from say recording while watching playback?

Does he or did he have physical access to your cameras? Could he of pulled an sd card? Did he disconnect the cable or what do you mean by “disconnect”?

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Well the concern is that if the videos are replicating at a lower layer (your iCloud or Google accounts, etc.)then just changing your Wyze password wouldn’t help. At the least you’d need to change your own Apple and Google passwords too - since from your description the files are getting shared out of your phone and not your betrothed’s, and only those that you have specifically downloaded…


Probably need to get a pencil and paper, make a list of all your accounts and review sharing.

For instance, Amazon, eBay (and others) have purchase lists which can be private, shared with certain people or groups and also World Wide (like a Registery). I had set most of my Amazon list to private but someone alerted me they all became public one day. That bypasses all Multi Factor Authentication (MFA).

FaceBook and Google accounts can also share photo +/or videos as well. That sharing is seperate from your password. FB is the worse cuz they keep changing and resetting permissions!

Any picture, video, phonebook name, eMail or text on a phone linked with a Google account is automatically copied to their servers (unless disabled). The Samsung Phone account duplicates many of the Google services. The settings in the phone may have a sharing setting buried in a sub menu.

@sodcam has a good list. Using a password manager is a good idea, too. If nothing else to have a list of all the accounts you’ve ever used. @Customer is right, replicating at a lower layer may be a problem. If you join accounts the least restrictive privacy takes presidence in many cases.