Broken Playback

After upgrading to the latest firmware and software the payback has a lang of almost a minute. When you use the slider arrows or drag to a particular point the video lags behind so much that it has become unusable.

SW 2.5.30

Slider at 7:21 but farme at 7:23:29

Don’t know when this problem is going to be resolved.
Most likely this is a result of them removing the hardware decoder from the app.
In the mean time you could roll back to the previous app version 2.4.82 it would probably fix your problem.
You can find the file in the link , you must uninstall current app before installing the app from the file.

For further assistance you can submit a support request here
Support Request

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Thanks @HDRock! Luckily I am an Android developer and know how to sideload an APK.
That fixed the enormous lag on playback and also while panning.

Do you have a similar link for iOS? Looks like they don’t want customer to sideload the App.


I’m glad it’s working better for you, as far as iOS , I have no idea how to rollback or if there is a way at all

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apple typically does not allow roll backs I don’t think. that would “comprimise the added security of the update” or something to that affect I’m sure. :angry:

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