Bring the Wyze iOS app to macOS

I work in the software dev world, I can try to explain:

  1. Mac Catalyst isn’t fully-fleshed out despite Catalina’s release. A lot of developers are having a hard time using it as Apple hasn’t released a lot of docs on Catalyst and there are bugs or missing features. That’s why there aren’t more than a dozen or so iPad apps ported to macOS. I wouldn’t expect this to take off for another few years as Apple continue to improve it with more docs, implement other features, and so on. This project was supposed to take several years to finish. An improved SDK with iPhone support is already planned to arrive by next fall.
  2. If we ignore Catalyst completely here, then it is not that easy to port iOS app to macOS. While some code may be reused, not everything match up between both platforms, so they’d end up rewriting most of the code for macOS. This is where they’d have to figure out the priority and resources. Given that they now need to hire an AI team to work on person detection for their cameras, it makes it more difficult to balance which is more important, a macOS app first or finish AI person detection and then ship macOS support?
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