Bright shooting star

This one was pretty bright and looks so be headed from west to east around Anderson SC. I was jumping up and down after I saw it. Now the V3 stays pointed skyward 24/7.


Nice catch!

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Thanks. my first!

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I’ve captured close to 100 so far. Most are just little ones. But a few are close to yours in size.

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Wow! Nice! They say you never forget your first!

Like you, Mike and others, I have a dedicated “sky watch” V3 pointed to the sky 24/7.

According to the AMS, we are in for a real meteor treat starting soon!


Next period of activity: July 17th, 2021 to August 26th, 2021

The Perseids are the most popular meteor shower as they peak on warm August nights as seen from the northern hemisphere. The Perseids are active from July 17 to August 24. They reach a strong maximum on August 12 or 13, depending on the year. Normal rates seen from rural locations range from 50-75 shower members per hour at maximum.The Perseids are particles released from comet 109P/Swift-Tuttle during its numerous returns to the inner solar system. They are called Perseids since the radiant (the area of the sky where the meteors seem to originate) is located near the prominent constellation of Perseus the hero when at maximum activity.

Shower details - Radiant: 03:12 +57.6° - ZHR: 100 - Velocity: 37 miles/sec (swift - 60km/sec) - Parent Object: 109P/Swift-Tuttle

Next Peak - The Perseids will next peak on the Aug 11-12, 2021 night. On this night, the moon will be 13% full.


Thanks for the reminder! I pulled some of my cameras for updates and lens cleaning. I need to relocate the ones looking up to get away from the extraneous light. Cheers!

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